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Edward Dolejsi
313 – 7511 120Th Street
Delta, BC V4C 0C1


7 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Ahoj Edo,
    předpokládám, že jsem se trefil na správný kontakt. Při přestěhování jsem pozbyl své staré kontakty a snažil jsem se dohledat to přes web. Tak to zkouším touto cestou.
    Jen tak, napadlo mě poptat se, jak se vede, jak jde život,

  2. Hello Ed,

    I used to own this little Colt. Nice to see someone is looking
    after it the way I did. I took it all apart bolt by bolt. It was a mess
    when I bought it in the early nineties.

    Good luck.

    Alain Boily
    Prince Edward Island

  3. Good morning Ed,

    It was nice to talked to you yesterday. After reading your website
    it brought back some good memories about flying the little old Colt.
    I’m sure glad to see it as it should be and flying again.
    Just keep me posted on the progress. I haven’t been to the west coast
    for a while, but if I ever go back, I will look you up.
    A flight in the old Colt would be nice.

    Take care and good luck.

    Alain Boily

  4. Happy Birthday Ed – the wx should be good for a nice little birthday trip.
    A lot of big changes on my website.
    Where is that resort on the river with the nice grass strip?
    First grad certificate just issued from my heli course – Warsaw, Poland. He is a
    licensed heli pilot in Poland.
    Big roast of lamb for Thanksgiving, and yes, I am thankful. It was great.
    Nice to get your contact. Keep ’em coming,

  5. Hello Edward!

    Like your website and Colt project. I have recently bought one myself and am planning a restoration. I would love to pick your brain and benefit from your hindsight, as you have done some things I would like to do as well . My e-mail to your address with some pictures bounced back undelivered, so how can I communicate with you?

    Best regards,


  6. DNR was the first airplane I flew. I actually painted that airplane when Alain owned it. I got hooked on flying and have been flying ever since that first flight.

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