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Ed Flying Colt

Flying my 2012 model-year Colt


My name is Edward (Ed) Dolejsi. I was born in Czechoslovakia in 1944, where I experienced the “riches” of life as one can only encounter in a communist-governed country. After the Soviet army invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968, it was time for me to go. I immigrated to Canada, and made it my new home. Back home I studied electronics, if you can call vacuum tube-based designs electronics,  and mechanical design engineering, both came handy here in Canada. To this day I continue to study and try to stay well informed in both fields. For the most of my professional life in Canada I was involved in electronics. My first love, however, always was mechanical engineering.

My big opportunity came about seven years ago when I landed a contract to develop an unmanned aircraft. It was the restart of my mechanical engineering carrier, and in the field of my first love, aviation. This new-found excitement, this late in my life, I was 60 years old then, rekindled my long held passion for flying – I was hooked on aviation once again. It brought back memories of the wonderful times of my childhood, when I spent long hours gluing sticks of spruce together, covering them with tissue and dope, and watch them soar.

I invite you to follow me on these pages, as my involvement in this exciting field brings both challenges and pleasures. I’ll tell you a bit about my early flying days, and about my decision to get my own plane. In fact, the very reason for this blog’s existence is to chronicle the process of turning my 1961 Piper PA-22 108 Colt, C-GDNR, into a “modern” 2012 model Colt.


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  1. Hello Ed, thanks for the great blog on your Colt. I have a 1961 Colt and
    I have been looking at your upgrades and great pictures. Do you know
    which model of B & D Specialty Products your oil filter adapter is? I want
    to get one of those.


    Kirk Elliot

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