Dear Diary

I wish I could say, “I planned it like this,’ but I can’t. It just happened this way.

This Thanks Giving weekend started with a lovely Sunday family get-together. The grandchildren, our daughters in law, our sons, and Sherry and I, we all did what everybody does on Thanks Giving – we ate a lot. It was a delightful evening.

As we were about to leave for our homes I noted, “What a beautiful weather we are heaving.” Tuesday is my birthday, and I thought that going for a flight would make for a great birthday present. I remember asking Sherry one day if she wants to go flying with me, it was not a good time for her then, but she said, “Ask me again,” so I did. We had a plan. We decided to go to Rowena’s.

Rowena’s is one of my favorite destinations. It has everything: the SandPiper Golf Course in its breathtaking riverside setting, the Rowena’s Inn on the River with its charming little cottages to stay in, and my personal favorite, the River’s Edge Restaurant. You have to try it, the food and desserts are – well, culinary treats.

It was a beautiful autumn day. Our flight from Boundary Bay to Rowena’s was a short 35 minutes hop, filled with vistas of changing landscape. Majestic cedars perched on hillsides, trying to mimic the exploding colors of their deciduous brethren, by showing off their own rusty patches of foliage that will soon fall to the ground – simply breathtaking.

On the downwind leg for Rowena’s landing strip, I noticed several planes on the ground. After we landed, we counted eleven of us pleasure-seeking air travelers, who flew in on a variety of aircraft. It was clear to us that the restaurant would be hopping busy, so we decided to skip the planned meal. We strolled around the grounds and I took some pictures for you.

Now here is the kicker, the “Dear Diary” part. No, I do not keep diary, but as a pilot, I do keep a detailed logbook of my flying adventures. In all my flying days, Sherry only flew twice with me. January 1, 1973, and October 14, 1973. You have it right. That was 40 years ago to the day.

No, I did not plan it this way, it just happened.

Sherry on arrival

Sherry and my Colt at Rowena’s


On the way to the restaurant

Resort Cottage

One of the resort’s cottages

On a swing

Relaxing on a swing

Grounds view

The golf course

Visiting aircraft

The visiting aircraft ramp