Yesterday my good friend Daniel and I went flying. We go as much as we can, because we both enjoy the amazing rush, which comes with every liftoff. We instantly get to experience, courtesy of my trusted Colt, the amazing feeling of freedom from the Earth’s gravity. Suddenly, we too enjoy the ultimate freedom of life in a three-dimensional space, an environment in which only our feathered friends know how to play in.

As I was entering another 2.3 hours of a pure enjoyment into my logbook, I realized – today is Mother’s Day. I paused a while, thinking. What will it be, chocolates, a store-picked card, flowers? Somehow, today, none of the “traditional” solutions would fit the occasion. After all, if not for my mom and my dad, I would not be here to enjoy my love of flying; so this one is for you mom.

My reflections on this Mother’s Dayrose
May 12, 2013

Over the years, many accused of many things, amongst them being selfish, but I do not recall ever anyone calling me a pessimist. I always seem to see the glass half full, and the light at the end of the tunnel is always shining brighter and brighter – perhaps I am insane.

Behind the vale of insanity and the selfish label, and as I look back over my life, I end up in times of an incredible sorrow and despair for many. Hitler, Nazis, concentration camps, millions killed, World War 2; yet, the optimist in me finds a flicker of a positive even in all this evil.

Without the war, my dad would not meet you in Korosten Ukraine, and without you two, I would not be here. No, I am not thanking Hitler here for the carnage of millions of innocent people, but there is one thing as sure as life itself, it is very unlikely that without all of that horrible suffering endured by others, I would be here today.

So thanks for being my mom; for protecting me under the bridge while the bombs were falling; and for all your worries and thoughts – which sometimes drive me crazy. Maybe this is where my insane “glass half full” attitude comes from.

Thank you with all my love and Happy Mother’s Day.

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