Safety First

I am a conservative sort of a guy. I have three lovely grandchildren, and I want to enjoy them for many years to come. This statement alone has to be a good enough reason for my decision to upgrade the plane. In fact, one of my dreams is to see one, or all of my grand children, to take a shine to flying. With my Colt upgraded to a “like new” condition, they sure would have a nice plane to enjoy. However, dreams aside let us talk safety.

Aircraft safety today looks nothing like in the times when the designers came up with the design. In all fairness to the designers and builders, safety then meant something else than what we understand it to be today. In addition, they did not have the technology and the knowledge we have today; however, several people out there noticed these deficiencies, and came up with improvements, filed STCs, had them approved by FAA, and made them available to all of us, and at a reasonable cost. I will be referring to those I have incorporated into my upgrades in my future posts.

Here are the three major areas of improvements I am focusing on. Safety issues, aesthetics, comfort, airframe condition, flight performance, avionics upgrade and systems overhaul. I will start with the firewall forward modifications in my next post.

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