Green – Not My Color

Now this may sound confusing. I don’t care for green much, so how come my banner color is green. Well, I just had to make it a closer match with the current paint scheme of the plane. It is true, I really don’t care for green much. In fact, when I first looked at the plane, before I bought it, I almost walked away. What do they say about the first impressions? Should I have listened to my inner voice and walk? Then I recalled another saying, “beauty is only a skin deep”, or is it?

The plane had a very dark green interior, which made it look and feel really small inside. I knew that this is one of the first changes that will have to be made. I just couldn’t see myself sitting in that dark tomb.  The first annual presented a great excuse for me to get rid off that interior. As the excuse goes, I just needed to make sure that there  is no corrosion hiding behind the ugly drapery. The fuzzy sound deadening material made me itch just looking at it – it had to go as well!

Next were the pathetically looking seats. They looked and felt their age. When I sat in them, I sunk in so deep that my but felt all the springs below the foam seat cushion. I admit that I am stretching the truth here a bit, but this is driven by an underlying ulterior motive. The seats had to go. Besides, I think they used to be green, but now they were mostly greasy in certain strategic locations – hmm I wonder where that grease came from. No, they wouldn’t match the new lighter  interior decor I had in mind anyway – now I knew for sure that they just had to go . How about nice leather? Yeah, leather it is, and that is final.






A trek to a local aviation furnishings restoration shop at YVR (Vancouver BC), was another serendipitous moment. After a few minutes of chatting with Walter, the owner of Kaiser Custom Furnishings Ltd., I knew instantly that I am in the right place. What to me looked like a monumental task, Walter reduced to a very doable and a reasonably priced job. I decided to do the seat first. We settled on the new look. I added a headrest to the seat back, and I just had to laser engrave the Colt logo to the leather. I decided not to alter the logo in any way, to keep it authentic. I just scanned it straight from the POH, and its likeness now proudly lives as an emblem on the headrests of the beautifully redone leather seats.



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  1. hi i have looked over this site great info I have a 61 colt as well and noticed your seats very nice i have bin shoping for a place to get mine recovered could i get the phone no of the place that did yours as i have not seen any nicer then yours and did you do the head rest or were they done by some one else

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