Is Your Altitude Mode On


Original Transponder

Flying at last. I was busy on the UAV project, so Phil went flying on his own. Run-up went well, a routine Phil would say later. Radios were working fine, even at engine’s idle, all was good – or was it? On the climb-out the controller reminded Phil to check the altitude reporting position switch on the transponder. The tower wasn’t getting the altitude reading. Phil assumed that he wasn’t doing something right, so sure blame yourself first. It was a short The Jungle Book 2016 film online now

Further investigation pointed out two possibilities, the possibility that the transponder was intermittent, or the encoder wasn’t working right. Another jewel was discovered. There was no static port! The static pressure was taken from the inside of the cockpit. Hmmm, how does this work if you open a vent or a window in flight? I’m not exactly sure, but the controllers would likely scratch their heads trying to figure out why we can’t hold the altitude.

I am really not sure to what degree this would affect the altitude readings, but there may be someone out there who may know, so feel free to chime in. I briefly considered fixing the transponder, but the cost of doing it simply didn’t make sense. I decided to put in a new Garmin GTX 327 transponder. I had good experience with it in the Katanas, so the old transponder was a goner. The old encoder gave way to a new digital unit as well. The static port issue would be also addressed.

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