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Piper PA-22 108 Colt

My new 1961 Piper PA-22 108 Colt C-GDNR at YPK BC

Like love-struck dreamer, I was on a prowl the “Internet” way. Let me clarify my statement here. I went searching the “aircraft for sale” pages – remember, I was 66 at the time. I found something very interesting about myself in this process. When I was learning to fly in the seventies, the fast planes were giving me the goose bumps. Now that I am much older, the planes that are more of a fun machine than transportation appealed to me. Oddly enough, unlike in my younger days when low and slow was not an option, today the “bush-type” planes interest me the most.

This love fest process took a better part of a year. Eventually I had to do the sensible thing, match my real needs with my available finances. I needed to build hours towards new ticket and ratings, so the LSAs, or as we call them here in Canada, “advanced ultralights”, were out. They do not qualify as training aircraft towards higher than sport pilot ratings. Good home-builds were out of my price range, and building one was not an option due to the time required to build one.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Enter certified used aircraft. Knowing myself, I knew that no matter what I buy, it will cost me way more before I am satisfied with it, than the initial purchase price. Looking at my bank account, this meant really cheap – in the $20k range. I found my plane at a nearby  airport, had a look at it while clutching a barf bag, just in case. You see, I can’t even remember the time I bought anything mechanical which would be used. I am one of those, perhaps foolish, people believing that all used cars, boats, and planes are disposed of because they are becoming a trouble for the owner to keep. This plane was different – or was it?

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