Owned By an Aircraft Mechanic

Fuselage Structure

Inspection of fuselage structure – no corrosion – all is well

The comforting part about my decision to buy the C-GDNR was the owner. He was a retired aircraft mechanic getting out of flying. The price was in line with other like planes, so it didn’t look like one of those “too good to be true” deals. The plane is a Piper PA-22 108 Cold, built in 1961. Remember, this is my first plane I was buying. I really wanted a plane, so all the caution was out the window. In fact, I wanted it so badly, that I asked the mechanic doing the
pre-purchase inspection to look at the “show stopper signs” only. Big mistake!

In all fairness, the aircraft had its annual, and the engine ran fine. The logs showed it to be in a good condition, verified by the mechanic, with about 1200 hours left on it. The engine was my real focus, I figured that all else should be really only minor stuff – remember the aircraft had current annual. The previous owner, an aircraft mechanic did all the work, which was then signed off by an AME with a current license. What I learned about this arrangement later sent shivers down my spine.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


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