My Partner Phil

My Mentor Michael

My instructor and mentor Michael

After the deal was consummated, I asked Michael, also a carrier instructor and Aki’s colleague, to ferry the aircraft from YPK to its new home at ZBB. In his long carrier as a pilot/instructor, Michel must have flown every light aircraft known to men. He once owned a flight school in the UK, which he fondly talks about from time to time. I felt that Michael would be the perfect person to indoctrinate me in my “new” Colt. I needed someone to check me out, to keep the insurance company happy, and of course, to make sure that I don’t “buy the farm” as the saying goes, or something like that.

Partner Phil

My Partner Phil

Michael ferried the aircraft from its previous home base to its new home, about 20 minutes flight time away, while I drove back. I was so proud. I finally owned an aircraft. I guess this would be a good time to mention that Phil, my long-time friend and a very accomplished pilot, was also looking for a plane, so it was only natural that we became partners. Our insurance company required a good check-ride for both of us, so it seemed logical that Michael should check us out in our new mount.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Phil was cleared after the first flight, but I needed some more time. Flying Katanas for the past year was giving me some challenges on the final approach. The Colt, with its Lycoming in its nose, presents a much different visual clues than the Katana with its nose sloping down quickly. To make a long story short, my flare stunk.

Life interfered a bit and I was not able to fly for a few weeks due to some business commitments. To make this situation worse, Michael was leaving town for a while. Did I mentioned that he absolutely loves Thailand? While Michael was basking in the Thai sun, I settled on becoming Phil’s co-pilot. This was just fine with me. Flying with Phil, an experienced pilot with 1500 plus flight hours, a plethora of ratings and types of aircraft flown recorded in his logbook, looked like a good way to become familiar with the aircraft.

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