The Realities of Life

With my brand new pilot’s license in my hand, I was ready to go on and start enjoying the part of the vast space around us which only the birds enjoy. I was dreaming of having my own plane one day. I considered all options available to me, but all would require sums of money I didn’t have. As a newcomer to Canada, I experienced the two most annoying road blocks of new immigrants seeking employment – language barrier and lack of local employment history. Even though I was qualified in electronic and mechanical design fields, making cardboard boxes for $2.50 an hour was the best I could do at the time. My prospects of ever owning my own aircraft were not very good.

Since I couldn’t get a better paying job, I decided to start my own business. After all, all business owners are rich, no? I greatly underestimated the amount of money, tenacity, and mostly time, it would take to just stay alive. There were times when the $2.50 per hour looked awfully good to me. Years went by, fantastic wife, two great boys, and several dogs and businesses later, I was getting older, still no money to speak of, and still no dream  plane. Worst of all, 30+ years hiatus from the enjoyment of flying left my logbook kinda dusty.

One thought on “The Realities of Life

  1. Ahhhh…sigh and welcome to reality! Yes Sir, it takes awhile…sigh again. Now that I’m old and grey I have a couple of penny’s to rub together…


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