Flying – My Life-long Dream

For many years, in fact since I was able to walk, I think, I was dreaming of flying. There were many reasons I was not able to fulfill my dream until I came to Canada. I am 67 years young now, and I am finally living my dream. No, I’m not a wealthy man. I just made the decision to do it, and I hope that some of you who may read this will not wait as long as I did.

Soon after I arrived in Canada from my native Czechoslovakia, I enrolled with a local flying school to learn to fly. The year was 1970. Flying was incredibly expensive then. My favourite plane, the venerable Piper Cherokee 140 was going for $18 per hour, and instructor’s presence set me back another $5. That may not sound like much, but I was making $2.50 per hour before taxes. As I said, flying was expensive. It took me three years of scraping every dollar before I finally earned my Private Pilot License.

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