The UAV Project


The UAV under constraction

In early 2003 I finally became involved in the aviation business for the first time in my life. I was retain as a “turnkey” designer/developer/builder, of a very unique unmanned aircraft project. It is one of those projects that is challenging almost every aspect of the conventional flight. Over the past six years I have designed and built several single-purpose test vehicles. Some proved to be a complete failures, while others pointed the way for us to the next step, but all were fascinating to design, build, and test. The project is now nearing the stages when will be able to test all regimes of the flight. Besides being one of the most challenging projects I have ever undertaken, it has also been a steep learning process for me, pushing my limits in the disciplines of mechanical and aeronautical engineering.

Here I finally got my lucky break. The regulations stipulate that the person flying an unmanned aircraft must have as a minimum a private pilot license with an instrument rating. I now had a legitimate reason, and a great justification to get back to flying. Since I already had my private pilot license, I decide that instead of building my hours aimlessly, I will train towards my commercial ticket, and eventually get the necessary instrument rating.

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