Radio Gremlins

Original COMs

The original radios

One day Phil decided to go flying. He called me later that day to report that the radios will not work until the rpm is at around 1500. This is around the time when the generator kicks in. All’s good, but how come the battery is not providing enough juice to power up the radios? My background in electronics kicked into the analytic thinking mode. It was clear to me, that since the battery was almost new and always fully charged by a solar panel charger, it must have been corrosion in connection junctions causing the grief.

Wiring mess

What a wiring mess

I stuck my head under the panel, and I really wished I had the barf bag with me. I can’t stand mess of any kind, but this wiring was past my tolerance level. Wires leading to and from places that didn’t belong there, wires not terminated to anything, breakers wired against all logic protecting nothing – well what can I say – a royal mess!

The jewel of the wiring was this tiny toggle switch. It was switching the radios

Toggle Switch

The COM toggle switch

from COM1 to COM2. In theory one would ask what is wrong with that. Well, the problem was that the switch was switching on and off the power,  not the audio! The writing was on the wall, the plane will be rewired. This, however, still didn’t’ answer the question why the radios didn’t work on the battery alone.

Stay tuned.

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