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My favorite Katana

Theoren Grandma and Grandpa

Some years ago, when it first came out, I decided that I really liked the looks of the Austrian-designed, Canadian-built Katana. I took her around the patch, and found her to be a delightful little plane. I sure like the stick. Of course, as soon as I had a real reason to get back to flying – getting my qualifications to fly UAVs legally – I chose to fly from a school that uses Diamond aircraft exclusively. Diamond is the company that builds the Katana, now DA-20 with a more powerful 100 Hp engine.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

As the saying goes,” flying is like riding a bicycle, you will never forget how to do it” – well not quite. I was able to take off and land OK, but I felt a bit rusty in the aerial work. I believe that flying RC models over the years helped quite a bit too. In my mind, every flight should be a training flight, regardless of the destination. I am referring to a good pre-flight preparation and good flying habits. I hear guys around the airport saying how boring it becomes to fly to the same hamburger destination all the time. Eventually I see them doing more hangar flying than the real stuff.

Instructor Aki

My instructor Aki

I was lucky. The flight school I chose is very professionally ran, with stable instructor base. I walked in, and asked for the toughest instructor on staff. As it turned out Aki, a good looking, slim, Japanese, and seasoned instructor, would apparently fit the bill nicely. I could not imagine a better match. I was a bit on a pudgy side then, weighing in at about 215 lbs, Aki, with her, I guess 100 lbs or less stature would give us enough payload margin for full fuel, and then some. Aki lived up to her reputation on being tough – but in a very unique way. She is one of the most delightful people I have ever met. She is very professional, expecting perfection, and nothing goes by her unnoticed. What I like about Aki most, is that there would never be a situation during a lesson when I would feel criticized, and her debriefings would be just as drama free; I would always walk out with a full knowledge of what I needed to concentrate on in my next lesson.

As I mentioned before, one of the pre-requisites for flying UAVs is IFR rating. Even though I had my license for a good number of years, I am a low time pilot, and don’t have the 50 hours cross country “pilot in command” prerequisite time. Keeping up with my beliefs that one should never stop learning new stuff, I decided to go for a commercial ticket, while building hours towards the IFR rating. Here is the problem. I wanted to go for long cross country flights, but the flight school is way too busy, so booking a plane for a multiday journeys, while theoretically possible, in practice, not very easy to do. I decided that I needed my own plane.

You can follow this part of my aviation life in the “My First Plane” category.

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